VR Playhouse conceived of the concept of what became “Moon’, the first Lightfield and CGI integrated short ever produced by the camera company Lytro. I was the VFX Supervisor. The production had to be meticulous in both the amount of information that we had to ensure we had, lidar, extensive photography for photogrammetry, as well as exacting in its technical accuracy. All lighting had to be board controlled to ensure exact matches between the five wedges that we would end up shooting. Each wedge consisted of 61 cameras rotated every 72 degrees, with an additional 10 static cameras.

The lidar was used for depth information for any necessary depth clean-up from the output from the camera. The depth was lined up with the CGI using Nuke and depth to points and exported as an alembic to Houdini where we could rectify our two worlds.


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